• Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Producing
  • Pre&post-production
  • Live Sessions
  • Composing / Mixing for gaming and ads
  • VO
  • Studio education
  • Rehearsal Rooms

  • Fully equipped rehearsal rooms
  • Rehearsal recording
  • Demo recording
  • Music lessons
  • Event space
  • Industry

  • Artist management
  • Music media production (CD, Vinyl, etc.)
  • Merchandise production (Posters, T-Shirts, etc.)
  • Music management consulting
  • Acoustic treatment consulting and design
  • The Studio

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    About Us

    Bebo and Vasko

    We are Vasko Raykov and Nikolay "Bebo" Berberov – musicians, producers and sound engineers. Our friendship and co-working on musical projects last more than 15 years.

    The idea for Audioslot came to us in 2014 when we both had out separate recording studios located just a block away from one another which often gave us the opportunity to drink out morning coffee together. Chatting about current projects, we would often joke about opening a big recording studio and combine our work, experience, equipment and passion. And without realizing we had let aside this idea to grow and mature for it to come back to us in the beginning of 2019.

    Audioslot is a gigantic initiative witch was literally pieced together by faith in front of our eyes. Without going into further details we would just say that the signs for founding this company and constructing this studio were indisputable. But we knew that bringing a project of that size to life would test our strength and spirit to the limit. After half a year of tireless work and decades of experience we finally opened the doors of our studio and our company.

    The concept for Audioslot is for it to be a collective point for musicians, professionals and beginners in the audio industry and a home place for different projects and ideas connected to music and audio. This company is an embodiment of our passion to music and sound in general and we would like to share it with you with our sincere friendship, honesty, professionalism and grow it to be a living and breathing creative organism.

    Yours truly,
    Vasko & Bebo

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    149 Tsar Samuil str. 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria

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